EXECUTIVE TEAM: (Left to Right)
  1. Ed Looney, Executive VP
  2. Mia Schauer, VP of Human Resources
  3. Jay Tinsley, VP of Operations
  4. Ford Smith, Jr., Owner and President
  5. Cody Douglas, VP of Credit and Treasury
  6. John Hester, Controller
  7. Brett Odom, VP of Technology
Bill Netherton
Director of Retail & Wholesale Fuels
Ford W. Smith
Allied Sales Company General Manager
Ryan Weinheimer
Allied Sales Company Sales Manager
Rick Taylor
Golden West Oil Company and Kapalua Marine, Fuel & Lubes General Manager
Brandon Hughes
United Oil & Grease and Mighty of DFW General Manager
Jason Slayton
United Oil & Grease and Mighty of DFW Sales Manager
Garrett Fleitas
Hotsy Carlson Business Manager